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Medical coil
Conducted research on the impact of the proposed further coil on the body showed that the therapeutic effect is present. The coil box has some thermal effect on living tissue, which leads to a slight expansion of blood vessels, causing the blood and lymph begin to contact and the cells begin to receive nutrients. This means, for example, to relieve some types of pain. Studies were conducted treatment and diagnostic center "Madra" in may of 2017.
Coil, and the scheme of its inclusion was based on research by the inductance of 1/8 wavelength. The effect is to maximize compensation and the absence of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields around the coil, and the allocation of components of the scalar magnetic field, which is achieved by "therapeutic effect". The device has low cost, going for one evening and does not require complicated setup.
Especially for such a coil has been developed is a simple generator of sinusoidal signals. It is powered by two AAA or AA (GB1, GB2 scheme), or similar batteries, and consumes 25-35 mA. You can use an external power supply, then between the left according to the diagram the output of the inductor L3 and the common wire will need to install a shunt non-polar capacitor 0.47 UF.
Принципиальная схема лечебной катушки
The operation of the circuit is quite simple. Generator on VT1 due to the chain L1C1-C5, generates the inductor L1 is sinusoidal voltage, which through the air is transferred to the coil L2. This coil, together with the limiting chains VD1HL1 and VD2HL2, forms around itself the necessary for us. Interestingly, in the case of a conventional transformer these chains are for his short circuit, but in our case, the inclusion is almost completely suppresses the electric and magnetic field in coil L2, and this achieved the desired effect. Note that this coil is galvanically isolated from the rest of the circuit.
As the active element VT1 is applied quite a common transistor КТ315А (analogs — 2N2712, 2SC633, BFP719). All capacitors are ceramic, preferably with the lowest loss tangent at a voltage of below 100V. Note the two parallel connected capacitor C4, C5 is not an error, and circuit design; they stabilize the operation of the generator. Inductor L3 standard 220 µh. Diodes VD1, VD2 — UF4007, LEDs HL1, HL2 — any-volt, usually there are such red. Trimming resistor R1 can be made variable and combine with power switch SW1. This resistance is governed by the power of the field.
Coil L2
The coil L2 may have different variants of the embodiment, one of them we will describe below. This design consists of two standard compact discs, which are located between the spiral winding. The order is this: first, going to the design of the two CD's, washers, bolt and nut, and then wrap the wire in between the resulting CDs period.
Сборка лечебной катушки
The figure shows: 1 — two CD; 2 — a bolt M5; 3 — two washers with an external diameter 15mm, internal — 5mm; 4 — four washers with an outer diameter of 17mm, inner — 5mm; 5 — speaker cable.
Previously, in one of the CD made two holes — one near the center of the disk, the second — closer to the edge. In the first hole to start the wire, then the design is going, as shown, and then tightened with a nut. Now it's easy to wrap the cord without fear that it will break or it would be wrong to retract. For better bonding in the beginning and the end of winding the coils need promazyvayut glue. After filling the gap between the disks a piece of wire is threaded into the hole located on the edge of the CD. After drying the glue out of the coil you need to pull out all the washers and the bolt — there should not be magnetic objects. Coil ready.
Need to say a few words about used in coil of wire. It is best to apply silicone speaker cable, only it is necessary to ensure that at least one conductor (and preferably both) it is made of copper. This cable consists of two lived, which in cross section form a rectangle, so to wind it round to round simply. Choose the thinnest cable possible. Terminations connect the pairs together as if it were a single wire.
The Inductor L1
The 100mm pipe is wound three turns of copper wire diameter 0.9-1.2 mm, then removed it and fastened with suitable adhesive tape. This is the inductor. It is located on the CD-ROM. At its center can accommodate a box with the circuit and batteries.
The generator starts to work immediately without configuration. Indicator — is the vivid glow of the LEDs HL1, HL2. The oscilloscope can measure voltages at the test points: the amplitude of the sinusoidal voltage at the collector of VT1 should be about 4-5V and to be shifted relative to the base 90 degrees. On the coil L2, between points 1 and 2 (the scheme), the amplitude of the voltage should be 7-9V, and the shape of the signal needs to represent cropped the top and bottom of the sine wave. Frequency, depending on the number of turns in coil L2 can be 800-1000 kHz; oscillator adjusted to the coil.
Another indicator of proper operation of the device can serve as disabling one of the chains: VD1HL1 or VD2HL2. Work only one circuit causes a coil around a magnetic field.
Adjustment of the generator may consist in the adjustment of the capacitor C2. Selection of its capacity to achieve the maximum effect when the magnetic and electric field around the coil will tend to zero, and the opposite LEDs will glow vividly. Trimming resistor R1 can set the required power in the coil — it is controlled according to the brightness of the LEDs.
Below the photo shows some of the stages of Assembly of the device:
Compact version of the treatment coil
A very compact variant of the device can be assembled, if you wind the coil L2 in the following way. Wire length of 1.8 m and demerom 0.9-1.1 mm (varnish insulation) need to be wound on a tube 8 mm in diameter, turn to turn. This is the inductor L1. On the resulting "sausage" to put on cambic or wound on her tape. From top to wind the coil L2 wire diameter 0.5-0.6 mm, which also must be turn to turn, but periodically leave small gaps for better bending sausage. This winding needs to be done on the entire length of the sausage, and the top wear sleeve (reel tape).
This design need to be bent in the shape of a horseshoe, and so be fastened to the box with the circuit and batteries. LEDs HL1, HL2 and diodes VD1, VD2 can be placed inside the sausage, and leads her not to get in the box, because the coil L2 is completely free with the scheme.
The box for this constructive variant is the best to use for 4 AA batteries, which is closed and has a built-in switch. In this case, the location of two Central batteries can accommodate the scheme.
Below shows a photo of the Assembly of this device:

The materials used
  1. The indicator of the second (scalar) magnetic field.