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Activator acupuncture points
This variant of coil you'll be a concentrated impact on a small areas of skin through the use of the armor of ferrite core small size. It is known that under certain conditions, such cores form along its axis or the second scalar magnetic field, which interacts with living cells and organs. As such the impact point, then it can be used to influence acupuncture points [1].
Concept is a little different from the other versions of the coil, but is optimally selected conditions to generate half-wave rectified sine wave, which allows you to rock oscillations in a ferrite core at a frequency of about 1 MHz, although their data may not exceed 50kHz. The scheme is going fast enough and requires almost no setup.
Принципиальная схема активатора акупунктурных точек
The following is a list used in the unit radio:
  • VT1 — composite transistor TIP41C
  • HL1 — any low-power led voltage 3V
  • L2 — Choke 8-10uh, calculated for a current below 0.5 A
  • XS1 — any connector to 12V.
All capacitors circuits — ceramic or polypropylene, with a nominal value of deviation of no more than 5%. Any low power resistors with a nominal deviation of not more than 20%. 25 turns of the coil L1 wound on a ferrite frame armored core wire 0.7-0.8 mm. Outer diameter core may be of 20-26mm. It is smaller, kontsentrirovanie will be the impact on the acupuncture points. But here we must observe a certain balance: on the frame of quite small diameter will be difficult to wind a thick wire and thin wire will have large losses, and thus low q-factor of the coil.
Very important the next moment. After winding the wire on the frame, he put on half armored core, but not until the end — between the halves you must leave a gap of 1-2mm. ideally it needs to be selected according to the maximum power of the scalar field with a special indicator, and then fasten with a quick-drying insulation glue.
Setting the schema is quite simple: adjustment of the resistance R1 necessary to achieve the maximum power in the coil L1. Control power you can use indicatoror using the same armored core for winding of which is necessary to connect a diode bridge, and its output led.
The transistor VT1 in the scheme is practically not heated, so it can not put on a radiator. The coil L1 preferably outside the building. Some of the Assembly steps given below.
Сборка активатора акупунктурных точек. 1 Этап Сборка активатора акупунктурных точек. 2 Этап Сборка активатора акупунктурных точек. 3 Этап
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