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The energy pits

They exist everywhere, and everywhere. We breathe, hear, see and feel all known and unknown legal senses. Energy fossa (eya) is present in all our existence is in the form of various tangible and even intangible manifestations.

Imagine a string stretched on a conductive material, such as a tree. You can press it in different places, and string, vibrating, give different pitch sounds. This principle is enshrined in stringed musical instruments. But if you press the string anywhere, we get a completely useless set of sounds. A long time ago man "by ear" found the place on the string, which give a beautiful combination. This mechanism later became known as music row, the frets and notes. But the string originally was not divided into these areas, just in some places, the combination of sounds was the most harmonious – these and eya. When you listen to the music you listen to not just the sounds and relationships between the various eya.

A beautiful example of ratios: chairs made of solid pine. As Dostoevsky said, beauty will save the world!

Same can be said about the color. Look at the visible spectrum of sunlight, or simply a rainbow after a rain and you will see these pits are different, but very clear seven colors. By the way, natural musical scale has 7 sounds — they were intuitively found by a human. Now do not address the issue of sevenfoldness, although numbers, like 7 and 12, in a most peculiar way to describe eya.

To identify eya to the touch and the smell is a little harder, but you know, for example, food is prepared by recipes. That is, you may initially be flour, salt, sugar, etc., but in order to cook something delicious — need a prescription, or he needs to have a so-called taste. In any case, the components must be mixed in certain proportions, otherwise it may just not work, or be tasteless. One can notice a certain analogy with the string , which also do not sound "any" relations of sounds. Thus, the sense of touch also has ... inthat, alternatively, appear in optimal ratios of ingredients.

Eya can be found in the macro and microcosm in the human person and human relationships, nature and the simple things. Since this is the pit, but still the energy pits, to shift from one eya to another requires the expenditure of energy, though sometimes with a minus sign.

We live in multi-storey buildings, the height of each residential floor everywhere approximately the same magnitude [1]. We exit the house and go to the trolleybus stop. Stop is another example of eya. The trolley, in principle, may stop anywhere, but the best for all will stop. Not that it matters, as from one station to the other will ride this bus. For us the result is important sat on one up to another [2].

The same principle in microcosm. No matter what he was doing when electron transition from one orbit to another, the important fact of the transition, which was spent energy. Electron orbits – example of eya in microcosm.

Now, when he outlined the "one-dimensional" picture can be considered more complex. In the same music, if simultaneously extract different pitch sounds, then again, not any simultaneous combination will sound. This is a more complex sound is called a chord, and can also be written in the form of notes [3]. It turns out that, complicating the phenomenon or process, we again encountered the eya, but of a higher order. Remember the microcosm. Because there is also the – each energy level (which is eya), includes smaller.

Thus, we can assume that eya exist initially, or rather, not to say that they were, are or will be. They are possible, and possible only way. For example, you cannot say that 2+2=4 – was, is or will be. It is possible, and perhaps the only way. Generally speaking, mathematics can describe, and describes ... in a perfect way.

A sculptor, sculpting a form that can spend hours to search for those relations, and they will be perfect. Any deviation from them will only worsen this form. Looking for these forms the poets and writers, artists and inventors, all who try to go beyond the known forms and concepts. It appears that the work of art in its mathematical basis already exists, as eya. You say it is beautiful, you are talking about eya!

This conclusion is generally unacceptable to people in the arts, because it is believed that every time they come up with something entirely new and hitherto unknown. The question is really ambiguous. But we can recall the words of Ecclesiastes: "What has been will be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is nothing new under the sun. Sometimes something they say: behold this is new; but it was in the ages before us"

Creative people are conduits through which this world and come to the knowledge of these optimal ratios, these eya. Without a doubt, anyone these abilities are not given, and only thanks to such people we are not chasing mammoths with stone axes.

Eya are optimal energy States of nature, so to them she seeks. And a person who is part of it, it would be nice to follow the same path. Moreover, to achieve their goals intelligent use of ... gives the highest possible cost savings on all plans. Not in vain, Dostoevsky said that beauty will save the world!

[1] Actually we are talking about state standards. The science of Metrology and standardization and identifying optimal ratios (eya), and outputs this as the result is standard.

[2] interestingly, many people at the usual stops, quickens the heartbeat and increases blood pressure.

[3] Musical science, the study of these complex sound ratio, called Harmony.