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Matrix measurement of the biofield
Measurement of the biofield and point of biopotentials is a rather complex and nontrivial task. Currently known devices register them with the help of gas discharge visualization where you use the glow effect objects in a high frequency field at high voltage. This glow is photographed in the usual way and then transferred to the processing unit or computer [1-3]. Despite the simplicity and genius of the method it has its disadvantages, for example, photographing of the object in the dark, the uneven distribution of high-voltage fields for illumination, the precise setting of this object in field of view of the camera. All these shortcomings complicate the monitoring of changes of action potential over time and making it impossible to create mobile versions of the devices.
The proposed method does not have these disadvantages, however, needs further study and research. It is based on the recently discovered effectin which the piezoelectric crystal can produce a unipolar electric pulses by the field of a biological object. To create a complete picture and reach the maximum number of points of a biological object, for example, all of the fingers at the same time, the necessary matrix consisting of a plurality of cells. Each such cell consists of a pair: a piezoelectric crystal-metal and with each cell you need to remove the data. This is best done with X-Y sweep — something like this happens in the camera.
Блок-схема матрицы для измерения биопотенциала
The figure shows such a matrix (green mesh) and drivers X-driver and Y-diriver that should remove the data in series with each cell. The thus obtained sequence of pulses they send to the processing unit or computer (Computer).
The same figure shows the cell in an enlarged scale. It consists of piezoelectric crystals (blue rectangles), which are connected along the X-axis guide (drawn in red). On the Y-axis are connected by metal contacts, which are shown in orange.
Computer processes the information and displays it on the screen as an image. The picture on the screen should correspond approximately to that obtained by gas discharge visualization, but with the ability to display both in statics and in dynamics.
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