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Magnetic transformer with a folding brim
The idea originated from the author based on the research of two well-known physical phenomena: folding magnetic fields and parametric resonance. The fact that the magnetic field in the ferromagnetic core formed not quite as perfect. If the field counter, in addition to their partial repayment, and changing the total inductance, and this is leads us to the parametric effects.
Structural scheme of the idea of representation in figure 1.1, where T1 is a transformer with three windings and a ferromagnetic core, G1 and G2 are generators of sinusoidal signal, wherein its working frequency is exactly doubled, Rn — resistive load.
Структурная и принципиальная схемы подключения магнитного трансформатора со складывающимися полями
The operation of the circuit based on folded magnetic field at coincidence of phases of sine waves of the two generators and, due to its saturation, the simultaneous reduction of the inductance of the core. When the phase difference, on the contrary, there is a subtraction and increase of inductance, which provide an extra energy boost. According to preliminary calculations, increasing the efficiency of the second kind such a device should be at least two times.
Figure 1.2 shows one of the variants of realization of the block diagram. Here, as G2 serves the industrial network of 220V, and as G1 — converted voltage of the network, which is done using a diode bridge VB1. After it produces a twice frequency and a DC component, which is clipped a separating capacitor C1. Last appearing in the role or resonance phase-shifting: depending on the specific implementation will have to pick up. The capacity of this capacitor together with the inductance of the primary winding T1, should be the formula of Thomson, but for the final selection — should be able to adjust for larger and smaller side no less than twice. The primary and secondary windings must be calculated based on effective stresses, and the load (T1.3) under specific load Rn.
Два варианта реализации ферромагнитного сердечника для магнитного параметрического трансформатора
Figures 2.1 and 2.2 the proposed two embodiments of a ferromagnetic core for transformer T1. They differ only in the number of cores, but they have in common — the gap d between the magnetic cores. It will allow you to adjust the saturation of the core, depending on the currents passing through it and to choose the right parametric component of the effect. Adjustment of this clearance to achieve maximum efficiency for the entire device.