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July 10, 1932 Nikola Tesla announced the opening of a new kind of energy, which he called "cosmic rays" or "radiant energy" [1]. On the basis of this discovery he proposed several ways for its utilization, which have survived in the form of its patents, such as "U.S. Patent" No. 685958, No. 685957 or # 514168 [2,3,4]. Tesla believed that an open energy different from the traditional types for its unusual properties: a speed of propagation exceeding the speed of light, the inversely dependence of the field attenuation over distance, high permeability through metals, etc. we Must give the Ampere, which also indicated the possibility of the existence of these energies and form them longitudinal waves [5]. Unfortunately, most of these papers the scientific world has "forgotten" for several decades, because these waves and formed by them the fields are not fit for Maxwell's equations, nor for the overall concept of scientific development.
In the 1970-ies by the Soviet scientist G. V. Nikolaev [6] was re-rediscovered this energy through the opening or the second scalar magnetic field (SMP). By experiments he proved its existence [7], and later showed theoretically that the Maxwell equations can be extended to the emergence of new components [8]. The more generalized these famous equation, Tomilin A. K. in the work [9] which in particular implies that non-stationary SMP is the source or the drain electric field. This corresponds to the experimental data of some researchers of free energy that use this effect in their attitudes. For example, Constantine and Stanislav Avramenko in 1993 and 1994 described the principle and patented the transfer of energy from one wire using prodolny waves [10,11]. Fuel-free generators — this is just one of the ways of application of SMP, the second, no less important, is medicine.
Yeshe Nikolaev noticed that SMP interact not only with metals and insulators, but also with biological objects [12]. To understand these processes it is necessary to remember that any cell has its surface negative charge, and it is most pronounced at the red blood cells — red blood cells — oxygen supply to the tissues of the entire body and reverse the output of carbon dioxide. The charge is formed on the surface of the erythrocyte due to their lipid layer. According to Wikipedia, "approximately a quarter of all cells in the human body — red blood cells" [13]. For movement through tiny capillaries they have to have good fluidity (liquid characteristic inverse viscosity), and this needs red blood cells strongly enough to repel each other. Here helps them a negative charge, because as we know, the eponymous charged bodies repel each other: the more charge, the better the fluidity (to an extent). As a result of poor environment, poor quality food, alcohol, and other harmful factors, red blood cells lose their charge and partially coalesce, forming in the body with different diseases. According to some SMP may increase and recover this charge.
So, interacting with the metal of SMP increases the amount of free charges, in the living cell — its negative charge, while red blood cells their fluidity. This, apparently, is the treatment effect, which is well recorded by the Kirlian apparatus in the form of strengthening the energy of the body at the place of work SMP. Closing problem you need to add that the method of the glow corona barrier discharge, which was later improved and systematized Kirlian spouses [14], was originally opened Ya. O. Narkevich-Iodko and was used in experiments N. Tesla.
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