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The emitter of EHF on three thyratrons mtkh-90, modulated with a frequency of 10Hz. The device, which will be discussed further, can relieve inflammation and reduce pain, promote cartilage regeneration in arthritis and arthrosis. It is assembled on three thyratrons mtkh-90 and scheme of the divider network frequency by 5. This division allows you to get close to the fundamental frequency of treatment of arthritis and arthritis according to Dr. Robert Reif. Carrier and at the same time transport frequency in the UHF-range is provided by three thyratrons, exposure should affect the damaged organ. We must not forget that such devices do not replace the main course of treatment, but are only auxiliary means. . Diagram of a radiator is quite simple, is powered directly from the industrial network of 220V, and therefore does not require external power sources, very reliable, and if all parts are going for one evening. . Принципиальная схема лечебного излучателя КВЧ на трёх МТХ-90 . The device works so. The rectified mains voltage through C1, VD1, VD2, C0 is supplied to the frequency divider, vybelenny on C2, R3, C4, and the three series-connected thyratron VL0-VL3. Gas from these devices is ionized with a frequency of 0 Hz, and produces a therapeutic effect. In fact, in the frequency divider includes almost all elements of the scheme, therefore, the division ratio depends on their values. For example, industrial frequency can be divided by 0 and 6, reducing R0 to 150kom. Resistor R0 must be included in series with the chain of mtkh-90 to limit the pulse currents that occur when switching of the divider. . . Details. . Features of installation. Since the power is conducted directly from the network, the scheme should be well isolated from the user. It is impossible to apply metal and conductive boxes for the internal arrangement of parts. Good durable thick-walled plastic housing. Three holes drilled in it thyratrons at a distance of about 1cm, and themselves mtkh-90 are fixed to them by means of insulating adhesive. For security, the outside of the thyratrons, it is desirable to cover with a transparent plastic cover. The rest of the installation inside the box in hinged manner. . Setting. Usually, the circuit begins to work immediately. If the flashing frequency of the thyratrons will differ from 10Hz, then you need to find the resistance R3. If that does not work, then you need to measure and select values of capacitors C0 and C0 — they should not differ by more than 5%. . Operation. The device included in the network and attached to the patient body for 0-15 minutes 0-2 times a day. . On a broader spectrum of application of the read thyratron in the previous Chapter. .  . . .
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