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A simple emitter UHF, modulated by therapeutic frequencies of an audio signal
The device, which goes on it, has a rather unique properties: it generates short-wave radiation in the range up to 115 GHz! It was invented back in the last century, mass produced by the Soviet industry and worked in many pulse circuits. Спектр излучений тиратрона МТХ-90 But about the medicinal properties of this radiation, scientists have learned relatively recently [1,2]. Also, there is evidence that in addition to the EHF, this device emits and radiant, which also has a positive effect on biological objects. As a result of numerous experiments it was found that for therapeutic purposes, such a small intensity of such radiation, which can generate unjustly forgotten instrument — the thyratron MTX-90 [3].
In this article we offer to your attention one of the circuit applications of this device. It differs in that the frequency of the UHF here modulated by therapeutic frequencies of sound range, you can choose online, then simply connect this device to the audio output of the computer, tablet or smartphone (headphone Jack). It is important only that your computer have access to the Internet, and then your device will be neither more nor less than connected to the world database of bio-resonance frequencies! A good start?
Принципиальная схема лечебного излучателя КВЧ на МТХ-90
The device is implemented in rasprostranena and inexpensive amplifier bass TDA7056A (DA1 according to the scheme), whose task is to amplify the signal from audio input XS2 to the size needed for the primary winding of the transformer T1. Recent converts low voltage to high voltage, which is generated at its secondary (II), and which is sufficient for the ignition of the neon plasma and glow thyratron VL1. Capacitors C4 and C5 are necessary for the protection of Sicilies overload DC current that can occur at low frequencies. Variable resistor R1 is regulated by the brightness of the thyratron when the device is connected to the computer. The entire circuit is powered by a standard low voltage source at 12V, which is fed via connector XS1, and absolutely safe for the user.
As a T1 you need to use the transformer from the subscriber speakers type TAG-II or the like, which formerly they also mass produced by the Soviet industry [4]. They are also called — audio transformers, because their main feature is the transformation of sound frequencies. Nizkoomnyj winding they have a resistance of about 4-8 ohms and is wound with relatively thick wire (in our scheme this winding I) and high resistance — can have a resistance of several ohms and wound with thin wire, its inductance can reach several tens of Henry (our scheme is winding II). Also good audio transformers from tube TVs or radios. If all this is not at hand, it is possible to independently alter the transformer from the uninterrupted power supply in the sound [5].
For a list of other elements of the scheme:
  • DA1 — WOOFER amplifier TDA7056A;
  • VL1 — the thyratron MTX-90;
  • VD1 — UF4007;
  • C1, C4, C5 electrolytic capacitors voltage is 16V;
  • C2, C3 ceramic capacitors with a tolerance of 10%;
  • R2 — resistor 0.125 watt with a tolerance of 10%;
  • XS1 — standard power connector. Matched to the power source;
  • XS2 — standard audio plug.
Features of installation
You can adjust the brightness level of the thyratron, a variable resistance R1 must be put on the device. The markup of the findings of the thyratron shown directly on the diagram. DA1 chip need to be installed on the radiator. The glowing side of the thyratron must be positioned in the body of the device so that during subsequent operation of its radiation could easily get on the healing part of the body.
Setting the scheme depends on transformer T1. At the entrance of the scheme, using XS2, you need to apply a sine wave from an external generator, amplitude 1V and frequency 100 Hz. Adjusting the resistance R1 necessary to achieve a sustained glow thyratron VL1. If at any position of the resistor of the glow is not observed, then the transformer T1 has a short ratio of turns of the secondary and primary windings. In this case, you need to find the transformer.
The average values of the amplitude values of the signal at the outputs of sound cards, from 0.5 to 1V. Therefore, the second configuration step is to obtain a steady glow thyratron at a voltage of 0.4-0.5 V. If the adjustment is R1 this can be achieved, the configuration is complete.
The device must be connected to the audio output of your computer (tablet, smartphone), while other audio devices should be disabled. On the website — select the treatment program and move the volume slider to maximum. To enable playback of programs. The slider of the resistor R1 to set the steady glow of the thyratron. Focus on medical impact.
By the way, treatment frequency can be taken from other sources. For example, if you need just one frequency, it is possible to obtain from a standard signal generator.
The materials used