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The indicator of the second magnetic field
Of the second magnetic field is now a lot of controversy, its existence has been proved by many experiments. But the instruments that measured it, yet. Further, the proposed device is also called device is an indicator which is not yet perfect, but still allows to isolate and measure the component of the second magnetic field. Also, this device can be used in the following experiments.
Sensor field here is the coil L1 in the armor of ferrite core. As you know, in this version it has a closed magnetic lines, not outside. Likewise, the influence of external fields should not affect induction in a coil. However, as shown by experiments, the second magnetic field violates these laws and may be thus recorded. Interestingly, it excites the coil of the unipolar pulses, which sees the device, which we describe next.
Принципиальная схема индикатора второго магнитного поля
In it, for the concerted operation of the sensor and the rest of the circuit, the author used unconventional inclusion of the operational amplifiers DA1.1 and DA1.2, the first of which is responsible for the proper removal of pulses from the coil L1, and the second for converting bipolar signals (artificial middle point) to unipolar (with respect to common wire). He then is input to the IC tester DA2, the outputs of which are connected to the line of LEDs..VD5 VD1. The number of lighted LEDs in this range will approximately correspond to the strength of the second magnetic field. It feeds on the scheme from any adapter or 12V battery. Power is supplied to connector XS1.
Sensor L1 used armour ferrite core with an outside diameter of 22-26 mm, consisting of two halves, in the midst of which is inserted into the coil bobbin. This frame is wound with 100 turns of copper wire of diameter 0.1-0.15 mm in the varnish insulation. To enhance the sensitivity of the sensor, between the two halves of his core need to make a gap of about 0.4-0.8 mm. it should be noted that in the standard set of this core, to create the required gap, is attached to a special ring. If there is no ring, it can be cut from thick cardboard independently.
For a list of other elements of the scheme:
  • DA1 — dual operational amplifier LM358. Fine workmanship of this device is to work together, this is what AW and the sensor, so changing to other OU is not allowed;
  • DA2 — level meter signal KA2284 (AN6884, LB1403);
  • ..VD5 VD1 — LEDs blue or red glow;
  • C1..C3 are ceramic capacitors with a tolerance of 10%;
  • ..R1 R11 resistors on 0.065-0.125 W with a tolerance of 5%.
Features of installation
In the scheme of work is rather high-impedance circuit, for example, between terminals 1 and 2 and DA1.1. Therefore, the soldering of this chip and its compounds should be thoroughly wiped with alcohol and after dry — coating it with a layer of varnish or rosin. If you use SMD components, soldering them with active (low-level) flux is not permitted, as fully to wash it then will not work.
Setting the schema is performed in two stages. First you need to set the maximum range of the trimming resistor R9. For this the sensor you need to bring the device, generating a second magnetic field, for example, the therapeutic coil. In this case, all the diodes VD1-VD5 needs to glow. If the field is removed, then all they have to go out that can be adjusted by trimming the second resistor R2. Next, you need to find the maximum sensitivity of the instrument by adjusting the gap between the two halves of the ferrite. Generally, it is 0.4-0.8 mm, but in some cases, the gap can reach 1-2 mm. Need to set the source of the second field on the distance at which glow two LEDs, and then by adjusting the gap, to achieve maximum glow. Otherwise, the circuit operates stably and without any additional settings.
The following picture shows the printed circuit Board and the location details:
Печатная плата индикатора второго магнитного поля Расположение деталей индикатора второго магнитного поля
Option battery powered
This option may be more convenient for research. Since the power for the chip indicator DA2 may not be lower than 4V, then in such a circuitry requires three AA batteries (GB1-GB3), each at 1.5 V. in addition, there is added a switch SW1, which must be located on the front panel of the device. In the rest of the diagram, parts, installation and setup are the same.
Принципиальная схема индикатора второго магнитного поля (вариант на батарейках)
The following photos are some images of this version of the device:
Industrial version: PCB (open)
The industrial version provides a set of documentation for the industrial production of the board: GERBER file for the production of a printed circuit board, BOM file of the specification of components and a schematic diagram showing the values of the elements. All this allows you to immediately order a PCB, for example, here, and then quickly assemble it.
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Industrial version: 3D body (open)
This option provides for printing the product body on a 3D printer. The format of the downloaded files is stl.
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