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Bio-frequency → Thymus stimulation
The main program
Name Thymus stimulation
Frequencies by Rife, HzFrequency: 20
Listen to the program This program can be heard in the bioresonance frequency synthesizer. To do this, just connect the audio equipment or headphones to the audio output of your computer or smartphone
Similar programs
Leukocytogenesis stimulation
See also Immune system stimulation — Frequencies: 2
Phaqocyross stimulation
Frequencies: 5
Ovarian elimination stimulation
Frequencies: 3
Immune system stimulation
Frequencies: 29
Immune system stimulation 1
Frequencies: 5
Pineal gland stimulation
Frequencies: 1
White Blood Cell stimulation
Frequencies: 35
Kidney stimulation TR (specified by True Rife as may help against infections common in acute renal failure)
Frequencies: 47
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