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Name Nanobacter
Frequencies by Rife, HzOne of the frequencies or sequentially: 634, 317, 1268, 1902
DescriptionNanobacterium sanguineum, a nanobacteria which can be found in some calcium deposits in the arteries, kidneys, gallbladder, muscle and joints as well as in increased numbers in those with «autoimmune» diseases such as lupus, psoriasis, scleroderma, and similar disorders.

Nanobacteria are round or oval organomineral structures measuring from 30 to 200 nm, capable of self-propagation.

The term nanobacteria was first introduced by Richard Morita in 1988, but the "father" of nanobacteria is Robert Falk. Since 1992 he has published a series of works on nanobacteria.

The living nature of nanobacteria is still not recognized by all — according to recent data, nanobacteria can only be self-organizing particles of calcium carbonate (chalk)

What are they? So, the ubiquitous nanobacteria. What is it? According to scientists, this "dwarf form of bacteria, reaching 0.05-0.2 microns in diameter." Nanobacteria are even smaller than viruses, whose belonging to life is highly questionable. Are nanobacteria living creatures? And anyway, what are the criteria of a living being? It turns out that the body was alive, it must contain DNA that encodes a set of 250 necessary proteins and at least one ribosome. If we take into account that the size of the ribosome is 25 nm, then the minimum size of the organism, considered a living thing, should be at least 200 nm. The average size of nanobacteria, as already mentioned, is 30-50 nm. Consequently, DNA nanobacteria for self-reproduction is not used. They probably use RNA for this. Moreover, this possibility of the self-reproduction of the molecule was proved by scientists in the 90s of the last century. Relying on this, obviously, one can still recognize nanobacteria as a primitive form of life, although they do not contain DNA and ribosomes because of their size
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