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3-to-8 line decoder/multiplexer; inverting
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The use of the electronic component in various schemes
  • Six of the logical element is NOT | IN74LV04 — IN74LV04. TECHNICAL DATA. Six of the logical element.
  • IN74LV138N | Integral — IN74LV138N. Prototype: 74LV138N (ID7). Functionality: Decoder-demultiplexer 3-8 inversion on the output. Housing type: 2103Ю.16-D.
  • Analogs of Boolean circuits (of K155 - SN74, K555 - 74LS, К1533...) — All records in the subdomain, electronics and mechanics (notes from AZM). Analogs of Boolean circuits (of K155 - SN74, K555 - 74LS, К1533 - 74ALS, К1531 - 74F) and the logic
  • Download 74lv138_2.pdf Integrated circuits 74HCxx 74lv138 — Chip driver IR shutter resistant to negative voltage, INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER introduced IRS26302D-protected three-phase gate driver W / with protection from ground faults.
  • Series SN74LV138A (Texas Instruments) — Description of the series logic IC SN74LV138A production Texas Instruments, documentation, features, compare order options.
  • ZIL-131 is a schematic diagram of the vehicle — Electrical circuit of the vehicle ZIL-131. 1 - headlamp; 2 - rear; 3 - lateral repeater of the index of turn; 4 - generator; 5 - voltage regulator; 6 - hood lamp; 7 - emergency vibrator; 8 - plug; 9 - the gauge-distributor...
  • SN54LV138, SN74LV138 — The SN74LV138 is available in TI's shrink small-outline package (DB), which provides the same I/O pin count and functionality of standard small-outline packages in less than half the printed-circuit-board area. The SN54LV138 is characterized for operation over the full military temperature range of -55°C...
  • Ic Block Diagram - Yamaha AD824 Service Manual [Page 16] — × Added to my manuals. Sign In. Upload.
  • SN74LV-A Series — The LV-A Series is expected to be the mainstream logic for mid-and low-speed ranges in the future. Relationship of the SN74LV-A Series and Other Series.
  • LV.A — To order bases and stems separately, see the table of the possible combinations Bases/Stems. The levelling element is supplied unassembled to make carriage and storage easier; the components are in separate packing: less volume taken and better protection from scratches and dirt. Without no-slip disk.