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Применение этого электронного компонента в различных схемах
  • Table 4. Marking codes Type number PMEG2005EB — PMEG2005EB. Product data sheet. All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers.
  • TYPE NUMBER PMEGxx05AEV PMEG2005EB PMEG2010EA — PMEG2005AEA; PMEG3005AEA; PMEG4005AEA. LIMITING VALUES In accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 60134).
  • GaN E-HEMT Daughter Board — Vertical mount style with height of 35mm, which fits in majority of 1U design and allows evaluation of GaN E-HEMT in traditional through-hole type power supply board. • Current shunt position for switching characterization testing • Universal form factor and footprint for all products. The daughter board and...
  • Inverter — 12345678. 2.7VV-in12V. 1 E1. A.
  • Документация на PMEG2005EB.115 — PMEG2005EB Low V_F MEGA Schottky barrier diode.
  • PMEG2005EB - наличие на складах — Электронный компонент PMEG2005EB на складах. Наличие, сравнение цен, сайты и телефоны постащиков, отзывы.
  • Service Repair Instruction — In the receiving direction, the signals are split in the I- and Q-component and led to the D/A-converter of the logic part. In the transmission direction, the GMSK-signal is generated in an Up Conversion Modulation Phase Locked Loop by modulation of the I- and Q-signals which were generated in the...
  • PMEG4002EB | Rev. 01 — 12 July 2005 — MEGA Schottky barrier rectier in SOD523 package. Rev. 01 — 12 July 2005.
  • PMEG2005EB Low VF MEGA Schottky barrier diode_BDTIC... — PMEG2005EB Low VF MEGA Schottky barrier diode. Planar Maximum Efficiency General Application (MEGA) Schottky barrier diode, encapsulated in a SOD523 (SC-79) ultra small SMD plastic package.
  • PowerPoint Presentation — IN OUT.