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Ultra-fast soft-recovery controlled avalanche rectifiers
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The use of the electronic component in various schemes
  • BYD57M/T3 / NXP — Diode single rectifier for voltage up to 1000 V, current up to 1 A with a voltage drop of 3.6 V, in case SOD87, production NXP (NXP).
  • Documentation BYD57M/T3 — Documentation BYD57M/T3. Ultra-fast soft-recovery controlled avalanche rectifiers BYD57 series.
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  • BYD57M,135 NXP Semiconductors | Mouser Russian Federation — BYD57M,135 NXP Semiconductors Rectifiers TAPE13 REC-EPI data sheet data inventories and information about prices.
  • BYD57M/T3 buy in Cherepovets — DC/DC voltage converters for installation on Board. Autoadapter. Accessories for power sources.
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