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A scalar magnetic field in a closed loop
The author of the experiment — Dmitry S.
In this clear and simple experiment, the author shows one way of obtaining the second (scalar) magnetic field and the option of its utilization. On a normal transformer line scan (TVs), generator and key pulses with a frequency of 2 kHz and a fill factor of 0.5. Its secondary winding is short-circuited coil of one of the yellow wires. Around this construction forms a scalar field that excites polukoltsami core of nanocrystalline (receiver), on which is wound a winding method "caduceus". It is this kind of winding, according to the author, well able to perceive such fields. The output of the receiver connects to the led matrix.
The following video shows the experiment layout and the indications of the oscilloscope on the receiver.
The author draws attention to the fact that the core of the transmitting transformer must be in nasilenie, and the interception of scalar fields should occur at the time of exit from saturation. Also, you need to pay attention to the manifestation of "self-induced EMF" on the receiver. In fact, such a winding to appear she is not. Perhaps this is the cause of wave processes in the core, which the author adjusts with a closed coil placed around the core of the receiver. Frequency that could be measured, and which accompanies this wave process is of the order of 400 MHz.