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Experiments/Dmitry S.
The repetition of the experience of Smith with a plasma ball
The author of the experiment — Dmitry S.
In this experiment, the author repeats the experiment of don Smith [1], which uses a plasma ball [2] and surrounding it, an annular core of powdered iron. Him wound winding method "caduceus", and its output is connected Schottky diode and high-power led matrix. When connecting the grounding matrix lights up and the waveform appears quite distinct oscillations generated by the core.
The following video shows this experiment and the elements.
The author warns that such an effect can occur only in areas with anomalous magnetic fields [3]. Magnetic anomaly, under certain conditions, allows you to create rotating magnetic field in space.
The materials used
  1. Magnetic waves of plasma, generating useful energy. Photo experience D. Smith.
  2. Wikipedia. A plasma lamp.
  3. Heat map of abnormal magnetic fields.