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Medical coil on PIC controller (5V)
Further development of the coil on the PIC controller was this version. It differs patawatomi food, which can be obtained not only from rasprostranennyh adapters (5V), but also from any USB port: desktop computer, laptop and even smartphone. In the latter case, when the active work of the coil, the battery of the smartphone will be nothing more than the included screen. All these measures helped not only to unify the food, but away from the noise in pretty contaminated 220V, and to make a coil cleaner.
In addition, in this version of electronic components has become smaller, more optimized connection between them, and the generation field at VT1 now has the best characteristics for a high modulation frequency and 5V supply. Otherwise, the principle of action and coil work exactly the same.
Принципиальная схема лечебной катушки с модуляцией PIC-контроллером (5V)
The following is a list used in the unit circuits, diodes and two modes. In parentheses are possible replacements:
  • DD1 — PIC16F684
  • DA1 — LM7805 (КР142ЕН5А)
  • VT1 — 2SC5200 (in this version it is possible to use a composite transistor BD911)
  • HG1 — 4 segment indicator on 74HC555
  • BA1 — Active sound emitter voltage is 5V
  • ZQ1 — quartz resonator 20MHz
  • VD1, VD2 — UF4007
  • HL1, HL2 — any led voltage is 3V and the power below 1W
  • SA1-SA3 — any push-buttons
  • L3 — Inductor 22uh at the same amperage not lower than 0.8 And
  • XS1 — any USB connector (used only two output power).
All capacitors circuits — ceramic or polypropylene, with a nominal value of deviation of no more than 5%. Any low power resistors with a nominal deviation of not more than 20%. The coil itself (L1, L2) is wound in any of the ways suggested here.
The file for the firmware of the microcontroller is here. About how it is stitched, read the article: "Flash PIC controller is just". User management to the coil , see here.
For coil Assembly will fit a small plastic box: with a window under an indicator or with a transparent top. Box of metal — not suitable! The scheme is simple, so her details can be placed on the breadboard. If the VT1 is used 2SC5200, then it can not put on a radiator, if BD911 small radiator required. The circuit of the coil is connected via a two-core wire 1.5-2m directly to a USB connector, to two extreme conclusions (XS1 scheme). Some of the Assembly steps shown in the following photo:
Сборка лечебной катушки (5V). 1 Этап Сборка лечебной катушки (5V). 2 Этап Сборка лечебной катушки (5V). 3 Этап Сборка лечебной катушки (5V). 4 Этап
If the circuit is assembled correctly and the microcontroller stitched, the entire coil starts working immediately without configuring. The only thing that you need to adjust the current from the power source. It is adjusted by trimming resistor R1 should be in this version of 250mA at maximum frequency on the display.

Accept applications for development of individual firmware for a therapeutic coil. This can include several (up to 10) healing frequencies switchable in series, multiple frequencies operating simultaneously, or an additional treatment program with a smoothly changing frequency in a range (sweep).


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