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Indicator bio
It's more of a toy than a serious measurement instrument, but it is interesting in that it uses previously unknown properties of known materials. In addition, it can really show a power level of the biofield of a person or animal in different parts of the body.
On the piezoelectric crystals (piezoelectric materials) it is known that under the action of compression-expansion they can induce the charges. Also, they can work and Vice versa: when a voltage is applied to change its shape. But the fact that the piezoelectric materials can generate unipolar pulses from the human bio — science is not yet known :) In fact, the crystals respond to the whole spectrum: from infrared to ultraviolet, and the problem of electronics is how to fix it and display. This will help us a simple device, which we describe later.
Принципиальная схема датчика биополя
In this device, to identify the maximum effect, the author used unconventional inclusion of the operational amplifiers DA1.1 and DA1.2, the first of which is responsible for the proper removal of pulses from the piezoelectric crystal ZQ1, and the second for converting bipolar signals (artificial middle point) to unipolar (with respect to common wire). He then is input to the IC tester DA2, the outputs of which are connected to the line of LEDs..VD5 VD1. The number of lighted LEDs in this range will be approximately the power level of the biofield.
As the piezoelectric element is suitable as the Soviet piezoceramics alarm SN-3 and similar — made in China. Experimentally defined the optimal crystal diameter — 27mm, but in any case, it should not be less than 20mm in diameter. It is also possible that in the case of other diameters will have to pick up the R4 and C3.
The list of schema elements:
  • ZQ1 — 27mm piezoelectric element;
  • DA1 — dual operational amplifier TLC272CP. Changing to other OU in this scheme undesirable. For example, the same OPAMP LM358 on the frequency and on the input characteristics — worse than the original and in the end the indicator will be less sensitive;
  • DA2 — level meter signal KA2284 (AN6884, LB1403);
  • ..VD5 VD1 — LEDs blue glow;
  • VD6, VD7 — diodes 1N4148;
  • C1, C2, C4 is ceramic capacitors with a tolerance of 10%;
  • C3 — any electrolytic capacitor;
  • R1..R9 — resistors on 0.065-0.125 W with a tolerance of 5%;
  • GB1 GB3.. — battery 1.5 V AA or AAA.
Features of installation
To reduce sensitivity to extraneous interference of the piezoelectric element should be opened with a thin layer purpose varnish (from the crystal) and mounted on the body using any strong adhesive. At installation it is necessary to correctly observe the polarity of the enable. For example, SN-3 metal substrate should be connected to the third output circuits DA1, and a crystal to the second. For other brands of crystals, the polarity of the inclusion can be reversed. For example, all tested by the author elements of Chinese production was the opposite. Polarity is checked by pressing the thumb on the crystal surface, the indicator should increase its evidence, and then not reduced.
In the scheme of work is rather high-impedance circuit, for example, between terminals 1 and 2 and DA1.1. Therefore, the soldering of this chip and its compounds should be thoroughly wiped with alcohol and after dry — coating it with a layer of varnish or rosin. If you use SMD components, soldering them with active (low-level) flux is not permitted, as fully to wash it then will not work.
At the beginning of the settings, sliders, trimmers R2 and R8 are set to the middle position. Putting a finger to ZQ1 set the required sensitivity using a slider, R8. Thus, in the free position, none of the LEDs VD5 VD1..should be off. The threshold of this trigger need to adjust a trimmer resistor R2. Experimentally found the threshold can be set in this way: connect a voltmeter in the measurement mode of the DC voltage to the first output DA1.1, and the resistor R2 to adjust the voltage on this pin so that it is 3-4% more than the average of the supply voltage. For example, when voltage of 4.5 V on this pin should be about 2.4 V.
By the way, if you reduce the capacitance of the capacitor C3 through 470n, it is possible to achieve such a regime when along with a indication of energy bio-field you can record the samples of the pulse. However in this case, the device will catch and a lot of extraneous noise, so this mode is not recommended for use.
Below shows some of the stages of Assembly of one of the variants of this device:
Некоторые этапы сборки индикатора биополя
The relationship of the fingers and organs
Each finger on the hand corresponds to the organ or system of organs:
  • The thumb is responsible for the colon;
  • Index — indicates the status of the lungs;
  • Average — shows the urinary system, as well as the work of the peripheral circulation;
  • Nameless is responsible for the condition of the liver and endocrine system of the body;
  • Little finger — heart, nervous system and small intestine.

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