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Adjustable high voltage generator on NE555 and FA-90

In life sometimes lacks the drive and entertainment — with the chaotic and mysterious crackle of a spark gap and with soaring standing next to the radio. All this can give you a high voltage generator! But if no ads, and seriously, for some experiments this generator is an essential thing. So I took this one, and not just some kind of increase TRANS to 1000V, and at 5-20 kV. But the main requirement is the ability to control the high voltage output. Digging in the net and not finding a suitable scheme, I had to invent their darling.

For the oscillator took raspostraneny Melksham — NE555, and as TRANS — FA-90 (bought on a radio market for a penny). To stabilize the supply voltage sets applied not less common PWM LM7809.

Регулируемый генератор высокого напряжения на NE555 и ТВС-90

The principle of the scheme is simple: a master oscillator vibrative rectangular pulses with different duty cycles — it then depends on our output and high voltage. The duty cycle is regulated in R3 and is fed to the output key on MOSFET-transistor. The latter excites the primary winding of FA, and we get secondary high voltage.

Adjustment of R3 we can obtain as a small spark in a fraction of a millimeter, and the spark length a couple of inches.

Some points are worth paying attention to
  • The output key should be put on a radiator, because at higher output voltages the current through it may exceed 5-8A.
  • It is desirable that the casing be metallic (I used the case from a computer PSU), where the negative supply would be connected with him.
  • The supply voltage can be increased to 15-20 Volts and get a more powerful spark, but in this case, be sure to post the spatial unit of the driving generator and the transformer. Specifies the schema itself will need to saarnisaari, since strong interference can damage semiconductor components.
High-voltage transformer is suitable, in principle, any of a series of TVs, TDKS. The main thing — to find the winding sets. This can be done "at random" at maximum duty cycle the master oscillator (the minimum length of the pump pulse) and minimum supply voltage. The output key may also be any powerful MOSFET-transistor with a large nameplate current drain-source, such as IRFP260. A voltage regulator LM7809 can be replaced by domestic — КР142ЕН8А.
Another scheme
A fairly simple low-power high-voltage generator by spark in 1..2mm, it is possible to collect only a single transistor. It is designed for small-sized TVs brand TVs-90П4. Connection diagram is depicted in the following figure. The transformer is shown by his conclusions. The transistor is best suited 2SC2625.
Принципиальная схема регулируемого качера
The author also recommends that you read the generator voltage pulses on a single mosfet-transistor. Its circuitry is simple and it can work with any inductive load.

Vyacheslav Gorchilin, 2014
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