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Super kacher

Kacher differs from the blocking-oscillator electron plasma formed in the p-n junction, due to which we get a high enough output voltage without the use of a high-voltage transformer [1], [2]. You can verify this if you collect the simple circuit shown below.

The only transformer in it is two windings on the ferrite rings 20 and 5 turns. Despite its simplicity, 12V power scheme gives the output X1 of about 1700 Volts impulse voltage (no load).

The circuit can operate in two modes: economical (open switch SA1) and normal (contact SA1 is closed). In economy mode, when 12 V supply, the device consumes a current of 200-300mA.

Принципиальная схема супер качера


The most interesting scheme in detail — ferrite transformer TV1. He traveled together on two stacked ferrite rings with a diameter of 10mm. Внешний вид супер качера Collector winding is 5 turns, and the base is 20, and if the first spool in a clockwise direction, the second — against. The wire preferably used in Teflon insulation, diameter 0.05-0.3 mm. the Collector winding is better winding a thicker wire.

The transistors for this circuit was tested different. The pattern revealed is as follows: the higher the maximum nameplate voltage collector-emitter, and the steeper the I-V characteristics of the transistor, the higher voltage can be obtained at the output. Perfect for high-voltage pulsed MJE13005. It will need to install a small radiator.

Inductors L1 and L2 standard, 100мкГн. Choose the capacitors for a voltage of below 100V.


It will require an oscilloscope with high impedance output, the probe which must be placed near the exit of X1. Better not connect directly, because high voltage may damage the oscilloscope. Set R1 to the middle position, open the switch SA1, and connect the 12V supply. If the oscilloscope does not show kacelnik ispulov, then adjust the underlying conclusions of the winding TV1.

Принципиальная схема вилки Авраменко со светодиодом

If no oscilloscope, the configuration device can be made using the "fork Avramenko." It is necessary to connect only one inlet to the outlet of katscher.

With the running kachere HL1 led will glow despite the fact that the other end of this simple device is connected to nowhere.


Depending on the tasks you may need to connect the kacher to different loads. The easiest is through the diode (better SF56) and a smoothing capacitor to supply power to a fluorescent lamp designed for 220V. With closed-SA1 and supply voltage of 15V can be lit 10-Watt light bulb.

For some tasks the desired quick charging of the capacitor to high voltages. This can be done under the previous scheme, but the condenser D. SC. electroless and the voltage to 2000V. Also, in this case, instead of one you need to put the 4th series-connected diode.

The most interesting connection — long line, usually coaxial cable. Its braid is connected to the common wire circuit, and core — with the release of X1.

What happens if the schema katscher instead of one transistor to put the two and make them work alternately? Read about it here.

The materials used
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  • [2] M. T. Pichugina of Powerful pulse energy

Vyacheslav Gorchilin, 2014
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