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Symmetric kacher

The task that was formulated by the author was to obtain the minimum value of the electric field at the edges of the Tesla transformer (TT), and in the center is its maximum. Thus, the scheme needs to self-adjust the parameters TT and to be relatively simple. This task can be solved under the condition that TT is a long line, and its length must correspond to the 1/2 wavelength of the generator. All these conditions were fulfilled in the following diagram:

Схема симметричного качера

It has two symmetrical shoulder on the transistors VT1 and VT2, and each of them is become already classical scheme katscher Brovina. Resistors R1, R2 sets the bias at the base of the transistors, which allows you to smoothly adjust the brightness of the fluorescent lights (LDS) placed in the field of TT. The current drawn from the 24 Volt source does not exceed 300 mA, but it allows you to light LDS power up to 40 watts.

The figure below shows the distribution of the electric field along the coil TT, and also an example of the arrangement of its winding.

Схема намотки катушки для симметричного качера

The secondary winding of TT is wound on the frame 50 .. 110 mm wire 0.15 mm. .. 1 Data winding can be independently calculated in a special online calculator: an example of one of the options. As can be seen from the calculation, between the two bases of VT1 and VT2 need to put a capacitor of 12 pF. But generally speaking, it is best to make trimmer (C1 on the diagram), and because the voltage on the capacitor will be small, it may be of any design.

Two of the primary winding few turns of thick wire are placed on the edges of the secondary. The repetition of this device is very important to observe their correct connection to the scheme. When you configure R2 put in the middle position and control the appearance of the field by using a neon bulb or the indicator of the standing wave. If the device does not start, then the phasing is incorrect and you need to swap the primary winding. Also, pay attention to the choice of transistors is suitable only for switching, and best of all — BUL128.

With a certain experience, this scheme can be applied to the first generator dual frequency scheme.

Vyacheslav Gorchilin, 2016
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