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The calculation of the single layer coil on a 1/4 wave taking into account the capacity of the ground
The height of the winding, mm
Inductance, µh:
The resonant frequency, MHz:
Self-capacitance, pF:
The ratio of the speed of propagation of the wave:
The step of winding, mm
The capacity of the torus, pF:
The capacity of the ball, pF:
The diameter of the winding, mm
The number of turns
Capacity grounding, pF
External capacity: there is
Type external capacity: Thor Orb capacitor
Outer diameter of the torus, mm
The tube diameter of the torus, mm
The capacity of the external
capacitor, pF
Ball diameter, mm
Definition of capacity of the grounding of this coil
The inductance of the coil, µhCapacity grounding, pF:
The resonant frequency without grounding.
The resonant frequency to ground.
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This calculator is created on the basis of studies of single-layer inductance coils 1/4 of the wavelength. On their basis, made adjustments to the calculation of the inductance and self-capacitance of the coil. It is assumed that its lower part wearing inductor that pulses or a periodic signal (not shown).
The calculator can calculate the parameters for several modes of operation.
1. The external capacity is missing. In this case, the calculator you must enter at least three top option and he in real time will calculate the output parameters.
2. External capacity: tor. Here you need to select the type of external tank — top, and expose its data. It is assumed that the torus is at the maximum voltage and is connected to the upper output of the coil. This is a classical calculation of transformator Tesla.
3. External capacitors: the capacitor. In this case, you need to select the type of external tank capacitor, and to substitute the value of its capacity. It is assumed that the capacitor is connected parallel to the coil pins.
4. The capacity of the ground. This calculator is characterized by the presence of this important parameter. When it is greater than zero, then this capacity is included in the total calculation. It is assumed that the ground is connected to the lower output coil.
To determine the capacitance value of the ground in the bottom section of the calculator. For this you need only two measurements of the resonant frequency for the real coil: the first — without grounding, the second to ground. Substituting these two values and the known inductance, we get the capacity of the earth for the coil, in your area. Usually, this value is in the range of a few picofarads. This capacity allows you to precisely define output parameters.
This calculator assumes that the resonance is searched for only in of a quarter wavelength. To control this mode, you can use fairly simple methods described here.
Separately, we should mention the "coefficient of speed of propagation of the waves." This parameter is, as the ratio of the speed of propagation of waves in the coil to light speed. Under certain conditions it may be more than one.
The winding step. Using this parameter you can calculate the range of possible values for the diameter of the winding wire. The maximum possible is equal step of winding, the minimum half. For example, if this step is equal to 3 mm, the wire diameter can be from 1.5 mm (wound gap) to 3 mm (wound turn to turn).
The height of the winding must be greater than its diameter!
The frequency of "no grounding" needs to be more frequency "grounding"!
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