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What active advertising?

Many people believe that the active promotion called splash, type of flash-banners that prevent browsing. There is another version: the active is – is surfing pages, in which the client is invited to view the sites of advertisers. The true and most comprehensive sense of the phenomenon must be sought in the economic field, which determines the attractiveness of this type of advertising. So what attracts users here?

Agree, if when viewing a TV advertisement You would pay real money, the "visibility" and, therefore, the effectiveness of such advertising would be much higher [1]. But today the technical possibilities, which would take into account the mentality of the users, yet do not permit paid TV ads. But the Internet possible in the first place due to the possibility to control the process of viewing, and hence the statistical analysis, the results of which the user can pay a cash reward [2].

Give the definition of active is. Active advertising is the process by which the advertiser shares a part of their profits with their client for what the client is looking is. Ie unlike passive advertising, the advertiser is not divided with another advertiser, and client is what is most important in active advertising!

Another thing is the ways and methods of implementation of this scheme. We can now classify all advertising companies for their promotion activities. For example, almost all banner exchange system is a passive advertisement, because the advertiser pays nothing to its customers, it pays for impressions or even transitions, but pays the advertising company. The client with absolutely nothing to do with it [3].

The first swallows in the field of active banner advertising was the company of the type, etc When working with them, clients are prompted to download a surf bar which occupies part of the monitor, and which, when connected to the Internet, from time to time change the banners. The client paid for either viewing time or the number of banners viewed.

Then there are companies that offer paid client activity: filling out various forms, a search on search engines and, finally, pageviews advertisers. The last steel himself so directly called: the Active Advertising Systems (ATS). The very first and the most popular were "imported" to the company type then there are our relatives. They are much more modest, both in number of users and turnover, but the cash reward the client get here is much easier and faster. For our advertisers, they are also attractive and cost effective and covered by the language of the territory.

Our first pioneers in the field of ATS steels and At the time they were the only and unique on the Internet. But, with about 2000 markets come from several ATS, they bring down the price on the market, both for the active promotion and passive, and the latter is much more [4].

Choose SAR are beginning to specialize in the features and capabilities of the new approach. So there is the division between manual and auto surfing. The latter is attractive for the customer, but not effective for the advertiser, except to improve rankings in different tops. For statistical analysis and calculation of client payroll systems use an internal unit – the credit, which is a measure of a payment to a customer with one hand and buying with another.

The credit begins to act as an independent unit, for mutual transactions and exchanges. There are the first exchange buying and selling-the exchange of credits SAR various games on-line, shops, and even banks, which all really down to the interest and taking the loan. Thus, credit is gradually becoming the currency for which you buy something, and that can be sold or exchanged for another [5], and SAR(s) is a full – fledged advertising companies with their programmers, managers and accountants.

Lately appeared a lot of such systems. Now there are more than two dozen. To the advertiser it becomes difficult to choose the most effective among them. ATS, like any other system, can be assessed for its effectiveness. This concept can include several factors. The first is the total number of users of the system. The more you have, the more visitors, the advertiser can bring to your website. The second is a protection against cheating, the scourge of all ATS. This indicator is usually not advertised, but it is possible to estimate the applied technologies. The more modern they are, the less markups. The third targeting opportunities, to customize the shows by time or space. Also important fact tracking unique IP addresses. They should not be repeated on the same site for at least one day.

The prospect of the development of systems of active advertising stems from its determination. The client is profitable to look at paid advertising, the advertiser is profitable when the effectiveness of advertising is higher. Therefore, active advertising will gradually replace the passive, though completely displace the latter, technically more simple, will not work. Gradually, the SAP credits will begin to accept e-shops together with existing forms of payment. Will be a universal automatic exchange exchange of various forms of electronic money, one of the varieties will be the loans [6]. Real banks will also appreciate this kind of money. The most important thing for the Bank – backed currency, but 1 credit is 1 advertising, i.e. advertising a universal unit that does not depend on fluctuations of the market!

[1] There are several psychological aspects that work to improve the effectiveness of such advertising. One of them is the habituation effect. If the person showing the picture once, he can not pay her any attention, not to mention the details of this picture. But if her show a few times, starting around the fourth or fifth show, one begins to pay attention and to notice details. And it happens involuntarily.

[2] For information: experiments with paid advertising was conducted in the USA in the last century. The client were provided a free computer with the proviso that in the top of the monitor would constantly "hang" ad unit. It was thought that in two years the computer, thus fully pays off!

[3] an exception is the experimental approach of the company, which uses so-called end-to-end surfing. On the advertisers banner is installed with a special code that "knows" the client, and thus charged him with statistics. The client, clicking on this banner, goes to the next page where you also have such a banner, etc. see Details

[4] the prices of banner impressions 2002 in comparison with 1999 prices fell at least 10 times. Many companies until 2000, lived only by selling banner impressions from their sites. Now the situation has changed dramatically...

[5] the Greatest number of customers, and consequently of impressions per day is offered by the company The highest rates to customers, as well as for advertisers, the company Into an online state, with its own banks, exchanges, shops, on-line games, several technologies of active advertising, and even secure transaction, invites the company

[6] At the moment, popular banner exchange starts to connect the cap(s) along with the monster banner exchange is the first step in the field of exchanges.

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