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Linear oscillatory systems

Tesla transformer combined mode calculation. Charge Pump

The combination of two modes of operation of the Tesla transformer coil increases the efficiency of its work, and allows it to work as a pump of charges from the Earth. This calculator is dedicated to the search for optimal parameters for such modes, efficiency and power resulting from such work.
There is a theoretical justification for the operation of this calculator.

Calculation of a single-layer coil for 1/4 wave, taking into account the capacitance of the ground

The calculator is designed to calculate the parameters of a single-layer coil for 1/4 wavelength, taking into account the ground capacitance. Connecting external capacitances: a torus and a capacitor, makes it possible to calculate the classical Tesla transformer. The bottom subsection of this calculator is dedicated to accurately determining the ground capacitance value for a given coil in your area.

Combination of waves in a single-layer coil

A new version of the online calculator for combining different types of waves in a single-layer inductor. All possible parameters of the coil are calculated depending on its design and frame material. Its grounding and shielding are taken into account.
The previous version of this calculator is here

Calculation of an oscillatory circuit for resonance of the second kind

This calculator calculates the values of the elements and the resonant frequency for the conditions for the existence of a resonance of the second kind. Unlike the classical one, in the resonance of the second kind, not three, but four parameters are taken into account: inductance, capacitance, resistance and frequency.

Calculation of a two-frequency series-parallel oscillatory circuit

The calculator allows you to calculate the parameters of a two-frequency circuit of a series-parallel oscillatory circuit online. It is possible to take into account the ground capacitance and provides several modes of wave distribution in the primary coil. There are recommendations for the practical implementation of the device.

Calculation of pulsed pumping of a Tesla transformer

Here, some output parameters of the Tesla transformer are calculated with pulsed excitation. The result is derived relative to the first harmonic from the spectrum of oscillations obtained in the secondary circuit.

RC and RL net calculation

Calculation of a series RC or RL circuit

The calculator calculates the output parameters: operating voltage, power dissipation and voltage phase, depending on the input sinusoidal voltage for RC or RL circuit. The value of reactance - capacitor or inductance - is also calculated for a given frequency.

Energy balance between power supply and capacitor

The calculator is designed to calculate the energy balance of the power source and the charged capacitor through the converter circuit, which is a "black box", about the structure of which we know nothing. But we know the data of the power supply, the data of the capacitor and the charging time. Based on these data, we calculate the energy expended by the power source for the operation of the converter, and the energy received on the capacitor after charging is completed. By dividing the energy expended and received, we get their balance

Parametric oscillatory systems

Obtaining coefficients for the Stoletov curve

This calculator is designed to obtain coefficients for the Stoletov curve and withthe most graph of this curve, built for a coil with a ferromagnetic core without a gap. Also, he can calculate some of the missing data of the coil, for example, find the relative magnetic permeability of its core, the time and induction of its saturation.

Plotting magnetic permeability versus magnetic field strength

Laboratory work on obtaining some important parameters and graphs of the dependence of the magnetic permeability of ferromagnets on the magnetic field strength. As a result of its implementation, the user receives all the necessary data for building real generators and experiments with inductors. In addition to university laboratory work, the calculator calculates the theoretically achievable value of the increase in efficiency of the second kind with a parametric change in inductance with back EMF.

Calculation of a parametric generator of the second kind. Parametric inductance

The purpose of this calculator is a visual representation of transient and stationary processes that occur during the parametric generation of electrical energy, and also, - obtaining some initial parameters of a real device: the shape and frequency of oscillations, phase shift between generators, inductance and quality factor of the coil, load resistance.

Calculation of a current amplifier based on parametric inductance 

The calculator is designed to calculate the parameters of various circuit solutions of the current amplifier. His calculations are based on combined parametric circuits of the first and second kind and quite accurately reflect the phenomena occurring there. Also, the calculator can be used to study transient processes in parametric and nonparametric RL circuits.

Free energy of the back EMF in a core inductor

The calculator allows you to find the optimal dependence of the parametric change in inductance on current, and the operating mode of the exciting generator, to obtain maximum efficiency in a closed RL circuit, where the back EMF acts as an energy source.


Standing waves in long lines. Animation

An animated representation of standing waves produced by excitation of a long line by a set of waves consisting of several harmonics. The phase and amplitude of the harmonics, the ratio of the line length to the frequency, and the quality factor change.

Online Circuit Simulator

The simulator allows you to visualize some of the processes that occur in electronic circuits. The program is distributed under a free license as an educational one. It is not recommended to use the program to simulate real circuits, since many components in it are idealized. The following languages are supported: English, Russian, Danish, German and Polish.