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How do you think would increase the effectiveness of advertising, if in her view it was possible to earn? Nonsense, you say. And will not right; this trick is used successfully all over the world. We are talking about long settled in the West and successfully developing the technologies we have active advertising in the Internet.

Experiments with paid advertising* conducted in the United States in the 1970s, the Customer received a free computer — with the condition that at the top of the monitor constantly hung updated ad unit. According to representatives of the companies engaged in this business for two years, the computer is completely paid off!
* We are talking about the payment of "work" viewing the advertisement

Then came Internet companies, such as, active advertising systems (ATS). These companies are offered to the registered users download and install on their computers a special program. After that, the user screens displayed a small window in which during the work appeared on the Internet banner ads. For viewing of banners is charged a certain amount that depended on spent on viewing ads time (special programs allowed to keep records). People combine business with pleasure: playing online games or downloading music, he simultaneously earned money.

Here you can order and buy any double bed.

The number of users working with SAR, millions. The effectiveness of Internet advertising was much higher than that of television. The advertiser could be assured that its product will have real, not hypothetical audience, as this is the place to be on television. Internet technology has provided SAR-companies a unique opportunity to control the process of viewing, and therefore to keep the statistics, the results of which have been paid cash consideration.

In the post-Soviet space active advertising appreciated fully. In 1996-97-s. some users manage viewing ads to earn sufficient money to pay for the Internet. To earn more, many of our compatriots (by those we mean the population of the former USSR) scored advertising banners to half the monitor screen (it was possible to cooperate with several companies at once). Naturally, banners interfere, especially because the majority of computer scientists used 14-inch monitors (15-inch could only afford one), but this inconvenience had to be tolerated.

The main feature of the new advertising technology has been the distribution of profits between the companies engaged in aggressive advertising, and the target audience who viewed these ads.
Unlike traditional schemes, where banner ads on websites are going to load to the basic information.


In the next stage of Internet development-advertising (since about 2000) there was a company offering customer to perform a simple operation:

The first and most popular company became an American With the development of the Internet in the CIS countries have their own ATS-company. As the number of users and the speed they were much more modest, but monetary compensation the client received here is much easier and faster.

And our advertiser profitable to work with Russian companies: they have focused primarily on Russian-speaking audience, and cost of their services are cheaper than in the West. Indeed, what Moscow or Kiev advertiser to pay a lot of money to their advertising looked the farmer in Iowa?

By the way, many American Internet companies have asked the same question, but in relation to our users. Those who at registration indicated their place of residence CIS, viewing ads not paid for. Of course, it was possible to write in the questionnaire that you are a dental technician John Smith from Minnesota, but... the check is sent to the profile address.

The first of the domestic companies in the development of systems of active advertising involved and In 2000-01-ies they were the undisputed leaders in the post-Soviet online spaces. Over time, the number of domestic ATS has increased.


What are the advantages of SAP compared to traditional? Well, at least that is one of the few cases in advertising practice, when it is possible to realize the principle "the wolves are fed and the sheep intact". The client is profitable to view the ads, the advertiser is profitable, what its advertising look not the "intended audience", but real.

Another advantage of SAR compared with the traditional advertising systems — relatively low capital intensity. To achieve "effective display" ads (the audience should see the movie, at least, four times), the movie should show at least 20 times. The expectation was that during the ad the audience can watch another channel or switch to it during the broadcast of the ad unit. In systems of active advertising, the advertiser is confident that his ads don't miss, respectively, and the number of hits can be reduced two to three times.

However, there is ATS and "side effects". With the emergence of systems of active advertising appeared "cheaters". For example, at the initial stage when the system of display of banners for the money was just starting to settle down we have a and craftsmen, tshivhase to turn this process into "full free". The program was considered as "useful" only the time when the client actually worked on the computer. Just go watch TV while on the monitor "hang" the banners did not work. If the mouse has been stationary for more than a minute, the system believed that the user at the computer there, and stopped to earn money. Then his inventions compatriots began to invent ways to cheat piece of metal. Someone was making the device, moving the mouse, someone wrote a computer program-the cheaters. Internet companies in process of forces struggled with this phenomenon. This struggle goes on today, but the number of "freeloaders" dropped: hack program operating on the new algorithms, is quite problematic.

The main drawback of the active advertising systems (from the user's point of view) is the necessity to download and install on your computer special programs. The original approach to this problem was proposed by the company She created a technique in which the client simply register on the website: when you click on "pay" banner, the system will recognize the user as "your" and automatically charge him money. In addition, this technology provides 100% protection from Amateurs markups.


Over time, the number of firms engaged in active advertising, fizzled. But at the same time, there have been undisputed leaders. The greatest number of customers and the highest pay per view ads to the users of Internet today are offered by three leading companies:

The success of these companies largely due to their "omnivorous". Not wanting to be limited to only one active advertising, they began to develop other areas of the Internet business. The company created an electronic Bank, electronic exchange, online shop and many services, including online games. There was a kind of phenomenon: on the same website you could earn money to keep them and spend at your leisure.


Here are some figures by which to judge the effectiveness of Internet advertising. (The data below is for Ukraine and Russia about the same).

1. Passive Internet advertising. The low cost of this advertising is illusory. It often costs the customer more expensive television advertising. (We do not take the total costs and the cost of attracting one customer). Thousand of ad impressions, on average, $3. According to one of the largest banner networks — www.lbn.ru1000 Internet users who saw this banner and visit the advertised site three. Thus, a single user will cost the advertiser about $1 — despite the fact that this person just go to the site!

2. Active Internet advertising. Prices range from $1.5 to $3 per 1000 impressions, not small banners, and web pages of the advertiser entirely. It turns out that one visitor costs about 0,15 — 0,30 cents! Also, is it possible to compare the effect of the banner, which occupies 4% of the area of the screen, showing a web page? But this offer SAR...


The advertiser is often difficult to guess what kind of active advertising systems — the best for a particular case. The efficiency of ATS is determined by several key parameters.


What is the future of online advertising? If you believe the analysts — the most iridescent. Today there is a trend towards the creation of multimedia complexes, where TV, radio, computer and phone in one device. Most likely in the next 5-10 years the technologies that run today on the Internet, have to adapt to new market media. And what used to be the prerogative of the elite owners of computers connected to the Internet, becoming public.

Although the amounts of money spent on Internet advertising in Russia is significantly inferior to the TV advertising (an estimated $1 billion and $16 million respectively), the first direction is today one of most dynamically developing. According to the latest projections of the company CMR TNSmonitoring of the advertising and marketing providing strategic information in the U.S. — the country with the most developed advertising market — the most active will increase it segments the online advertising (7.4 per cent) and advertising on cable television (4.8 per cent). As for Russia, then, according to the survey the growth of the local market online advertising is, on average, 55%.

Another notable trend is the decline in market prices of Internet advertising. Before 2000, many companies lived only by selling banner impressions from their sites. The current situation is quite different... After 2000 on the Internet market of several SAR rates on banner impressions fell at least 10 times.

According to the forecasts of some experts, active advertising will gradually replace the passive, but to say that passive advertising would disappear even sooner. Its main advantage is a relatively simple technology without complex control systems.

Virtual bagatstvo

In online payments today, you can use "virtual" money. Information on world wide web there are quite a few such systems. "Work" the viewers of advertisements is paid in virtual currency — credits. The loan is not related to the existing banking system, it acts as an independent unit for mutual transactions and exchanges, not dependent on the fluctuations of the dollar or the Euro, however, for all its abstractness can be exchanged for real currency. The credit earned for viewing the advertisement, you can purchase real goods, credit can be given to virtual banks at interest, and, best of all, be exchanged for real money.

Article published in the journal of BUSINESS COMMUNICATION, 2004, No. 4-5, pp. 52-55. Gorchilin V. a banner for Us to build and live help.