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Guide to managing medical coil on PIC controller
This manual is intended to control the therapeutic coil of PIC controller to 12V and to 5V. It includes the installation of individual treatment programs using the three control buttons. These buttons will be used to denote this: FUNC — function button, PLUS — button zoom MINUS — button will zoom out. Their location is shown on the left, and clicking on them will appear on the display.
Function button responsible for switching the main functions of coil: program number, modulation frequency and timer time. In addition, she is responsible for manual transition of a circuit coil in a low power mode (SLEEP). Buttons to increase and decrease, respectively, increase or decrease the value of the selected function.
Algorithm navigate menus and change settings using these buttons, shown in the following figure. Blue squares, there are marked indications of the indicator depending on the pressed buttons. Button FUNC moves the user to the selected program: program number, the modulation frequency in Hertz (Hz) and the time to work in minutes (timer). After this button is selected the program number to change it (increase or decrease) you can use the other two buttons PLUS or MINUS. Just programs — 4. Example — P_2 means that the selected program number two.
If the functional button of the selected modulation frequency, it is also possible to increase or decrease the buttons PLUS or MINUS. Frequency varies: 0.1 to 10,000 Hz. Example F9.32 means that the selected modulation frequency — 9.32 Hz. When the frequency goes beyond 1000 Hz, on the display, instead of the first letter F shows the MSB, and the indicator shows the frequency in kilohertz. Example — 1.023 means that for the program selected frequency modulation — 1023 Hz.
If the menu is selected the timer function, then it changes up or down using the buttons PLUS or MINUS. The timer varies from 1 to 30 minutes. Example — t23 means that the duration of the second program installed on 23 minutes.

All data entered are saved in non-volatile memory of the controller. Thus, the user can adjust the coil to fit your individual program and they will be saved regardless of the power supply.

The work coil at frequencies above 1250 Hz
The scheme of the coil can give large frequency 1250 Hz, in this case, the step of increasing/decreasing frequency is equal to 250 Hz. Schematically, the frequency change keys PLUS or MINUS in different bands can be represented as follows: 0.10, 0.11, 0.12, ... 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, ... 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, ... 100, 101, 102, ... 1248, 1249, 1250, 1500, 1750, ... 9500, 9750, 10000 Hz. Thus, it is possible to obtain the maximum modulating frequency is 10 kHz. On the display it will appear: 10.00
The inclusion of work and off of the coil
After power to the circuit of coil it should produce a long beep, indicating its inclusion in the working mode. Immediately after this, the user can select one of the programs or to rebuild any of them using the above commands. After 12 seconds (after the last pressing any button) coil includes the program that was last selected. Before the program is enabled, it will beep (or several, depending on program number). After that, the indicator will display the program number and remaining time of her work: example — 1P04 means that now the program works, and the remaining time is 4 minutes. At that point, which is near the last decimal will blink once per second.
When the timer reaches zero, the circuit will emit a short beep (or several, depending on program number) and the program will turn off (coil stops radiating the medical field). About this event the indicator will display the corresponding information, example — End1 indicates that program number one is complete.
If the user will not produce buttons with no operation for 3 minutes, the circuit will automatically go into SLEEP mode. He suggests that the coil is turned off and consumes no energy. This mode can be enabled manually for a long time after pressing the FUNC. In the latter case, the scheme of coil will emit a long beep. To exit this mode again by pressing this button.

If you turn off the power to the coil in the SLEEP mode, the supply must not forget to click once on the button FUNC, bringing thus the coil from this mode.