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The effect of connecting a remote tank to the high-voltage generator
This effect belongs to the class of use of atmospheric electricity. He was seen in the study of high-voltage pulsed generator with a different plug to it load. If the load was a concentrated inductor, the connection of the secluded capacity does not affect the illumination of the bulb, and if instead the coils were connected coaxial cable, the brightening effect was manifested clearly.
The scheme of experiment is presented in the following figure. As GG1 here is a well-proven generator of pulses on a single mosfet-transistor. It connects inductance L1, capacitor C1, the active load HL1 and private capacity S1 through the switch SW1. The solitary receptacle is a metal plate with dimensions 0.5 m x 1m, possibly remote from the other metallic and conductive objects. HL1 — led light bulb 220V x 4W long led spirals (Fig. c); this lamp has the best transformation ratio of high voltage due to the structure and parameters of the spirals.
Схема эксперимента с подключением уединённой ёмкости к выходу генератора при различных видах нагрузки
L1 in the first experiment (Fig. a) is a ferrite ring with a wound on it a wire with a total inductance of 3.5 mH. The capacitor C1 is selected for maximum illumination of the lamp HL1. In this connection a secluded tank S1 through the switch SW1 does not affect the results of the experiment.
If the ferrite ring to replace the coaxial cable (Fig. b) a length of 100m and a total inductance of 3.5 mH, connecting the inner conductor to the generator output, and a light bulb to podsedice to the findings of his braid, then when you connect the secluded capacity S1, the lamp HL1 will light up to 20% brighter, and power consumption on the contrary, will fall by 10%. The author, the best results were obtained when the power consumption of the generator was less than a Watt. The cable was reeled into the Bay.
The author found that the scheme in the second experiment and without connection S1 has a very high efficiency. Also, the author has every reason to assume that if the area is secluded capacity and voltage of the generator to increase the efficiency of the entire device can be enhanced. The rise of S1 above the earth's surface will also give a small increase. Instead of connecting a remote tank can be used and the braid of the coaxial cable is unwound and spread it throughout the maximum available area.
The best parameters in this experiment would, if the oscillator circuit R1 to increase to 10-15kω, and the capacity C2 — 2-3мкФ.