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Parametric transformer. Hollow tor, or O2O-transformer
For devices based on the principle of parametric RLC-circuits of the second kind, is the best fit described here transformer. Its feature are generated by two mutually perpendicular magnetic field and closed magnetic field lines of these fields throughout the length of the magnetic circuit. If we compare the transformer with its closest analogue — a set of rings connected in a "sausage", it turns out that such a "sausage" would not have closed magnetic lines in the core in one direction, and therefore in this direction is scarcely observed dependence of magnetic permeability on intensity of magnetic field. The value of initial permeability is two to three orders of magnitude lower than in circumferential direction. All this greatly complicates the necessary for this kind of generators parametric dependence. In the proposed design, all these disadvantages are completely eliminated.
Параметрический трансформатор. Полый тор. О2О-трансфоматор
The Foundation described here is O2O-transformatora — ferromagnetic material (preferably anisotropic), which is depicted in figure Zastrahovannoe area. Transformer design is a hollow torus, inside of which is placed one of the windings; in the figure the cavity indicated the darkened area. The second winding is wound around the common for toroidal transformers way. Thus, we obtain two mutually perpendicular windings with perpendicular magnetic and electric fields.
Structurally, it is optimal to do tor gathering of two halves, as shown in section A-A (top right picture). In this case, the first windings need to be wound separately, and then to invest in one of the halves of the torus, and then to collect the tor and then to wind the second.
I wonder what round any of the windings is a ring that, in addition to the closed magnetic lines in the core material, provides a completely closed and secure system, since the magnetic lines in any of the windings do not extend beyond the transformer. The name of the device — "transformer" — it's pretty conventional, when you consider the fact that this design is not intended for routine transformation of voltage and current each other, but still, under certain conditions, can transform one power to another. Also, O2O is transformator can be used for magnetic amplifiers.