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Power supply 0-32V measurement of output current and power
Such a power supply unit (PSU) may need as an Amateur, and a seeker of free energy. It provides stable voltage from zero to 32 Volts, current — up to 5A, has an internal overload protection, measures output power up to 0.01 W, and output current up to 0.001 A. BP is quite simple in performance and with the necessary components going in just a couple of hours.
Block scheme of the PSU is shown below. It consists of only three elements:
Принципиальная схема блока питания
For Assembly will take another case where you can put all of these elements. The author used it from an old computer power supply. It all depends on the size of the SWPS: if the scheme is to calculate the maximum current is 2A, and SWPS will be small, and pateamine — in this case will not fit, they will need to choose the larger enclosure.
All connections are made of insulated conductors, designed for a voltage of 400V. Before Assembly SWPS connect to the network 220V and trimmer resistance ADJ, which is located next to vyhodili terminals, set the voltage at terminals +V,- V of 40 Volts. It is necessary to do to connect the DP!
Capacitor C1 connects the output from the negative terminal to the body of the SWPS, and he, in turn, is connected to the housing of the entire device and to ground. This is another protection against pulse spikes in the connected schema. Protection helps, for example, when working with kachera and Tesla transformer.