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Name Parasites filariose
Frequencies by Rife, HzOne of the frequencies or sequentially: 112, 120, 332, 753
DescriptionWorms in blood and organs of mammals, larvae passed from biting insects.

Filariasis or elephantiasis is a tropical disease caused by thin thread-like parasitic worms-filaria.

Filariasis can be infected from humans and animals, the disease is transmitted through a bite of an insect (mosquito, horsefly, midges, slimy). Parasites settle in lymphatic vessels and nodes, in the genital organs and in the body cavities, under the skin and in the eyeball. At the first stages of the disease, outflow of lymph is disturbed, there are swelling, warts and ulcers. But the most unpleasant thing happens when the disease goes to a chronic stage: "elephant" develops. The affected limb or genital organs grow tens of times in volume, pathological growth of bone and connective tissue occurs
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