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Name Ulcer parasites
Frequencies by Rife, HzOne of the frequencies or sequentially: 3, 3.5, 4, 6.8, 9.9
Vitamins for health
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Ulcer ventric
Frequencies: 5
Ulcer ventricular
Frequencies: 2
Ulcer gastric
Frequencies: 1
Fistula ulcer
Use also Staph freqs — Frequencies: 150
Helicobacter pylori (ulcer)
Run 676 for 10 min, 676* — Frequencies: 11
Ulcer duodenal
Frequencies: 5
Diabetic toe ulcer
Also use Staph aureus freqs and see Staph general, General antiseptic, and Circulation stimulation as needed… — Frequencies: 170
Duodenal ulcer
Use Ulcer, duodenal — Frequencies: 36
Cancrum oris (rapidly growing oral or nasal ulcer)
Cancrum oris is a rare tropical disease. More often affects children who eat poorly. It is often preceded by other… — Frequencies: 5
Parasites turbatrix
Fodder nematodes are small, peanut-like worms from the genera Turbatrix, Panagrellus, Rabditis. They move, bending… — Frequencies: 1
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