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Bio-frequency → Botulinum (a bacillus that causes an often fatal form of food poisoning)
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Name Botulinum (a bacillus that causes an often fatal form of food poisoning)
Frequencies by Rife, HzOne of the frequencies or sequentially: 518, 533, 639, 172, 1372, 691, 683, 253, 435, 668, 775, 2688, 660, 690, 727, 802, 1550, 831, 1552, 10000
DescriptionThe causative agent — botulinum clostridium — is widely distributed in nature with a permanent habitat in the soil. Forms disputes that are extremely resistant to physical and chemical factors. Spores can withstand boiling for 5 hours and only at 120 degrees. Celsius perished in 30 minutes. In a medium with a small amount of oxygen multiply and form a toxin. The toxin is partially destroyed when heated to 70-80 degrees. Celsius, when boiled for 5-15 minutes completely destroyed. Botulinum toxin — one of the strongest known in nature poisons, its lethal dose for humans is about 0.3 μg.

The reservoir of causative agents of botulism in nature are warm-blooded, less often cold-blooded animals, in the intestine of which there are clostridia secreted with feces into the external environment. The causative agent does not cause human disease, only a toxin is dangerous. To cause poisoning, it is necessary to multiply the pathogen with the accumulation of botulinum toxin in a medium with a small amount of oxygen (ham, sausages, canned food, salted fish), as well as in canned vegetables, fruits, mushrooms.

In recent years, the emergence of botulism has increased the role of canned mushrooms. Accumulation of toxins occurs especially intensively at a temperature of 22-37C. A person gets sick by eating foods containing botulinum toxin. The patient is dangerous to others.

Botulinum toxin enters the human body through the gastrointestinal tract with food. There are two exceptions to this rule, which are very rare, — botulism of infants in whom the toxin is produced in the intestine, and wound botulism, when the reproduction of clostridia occurs in the necrotic tissues
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