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Bio-frequency → Bronchiectasis (chronic dilatation of the bronchi)
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Name Bronchiectasis (chronic dilatation of the bronchi)
Frequencies by Rife, HzOne of the frequencies or sequentially: 342, 510, 778
DescriptionBronchiectasis is an irreversible enlargement of the bronchus as a result of damage to the bronchial wall. Bronchiectasis is the result of many conditions that directly or indirectly cause damage to the bronchial wall, while violating its stability.

Bronchoectasis can occur along the entire length or in one separate section of the bronchi. Usually it develops in bronchuses of medium size, but often affects smaller ones, which are located below.

There is a kind of bronchiectasis that affects large bronchi. Such bronchiectasis occurs with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, which in turn induces an immune reaction to a fungal infection
Listen to the programThis program can be heard in the bioresonance frequency synthesizer. To do this, just connect the audio equipment or headphones to the audio output of your computer or smartphone
BRT deviceScalar field healing coil
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