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Name Clostridium septicum HC
Frequencies by Rife, HzOne of the frequencies or sequentially: 902.27, 18122.49
DescriptionClostridium sporogenes are mobile rods 3-6×0.5 μm in size. They show proteolytic activity and are inert towards most carbohydrates. In mixed anaerobic infections, the virulence of C. perfringens and C. septicum is increased. When viable spores get into the muscles, they can cause purulent processes. The rod does not form toxins involved in the pathogenesis of anaerobic wound infection
Listen to the programThis program can be heard in the bioresonance frequency synthesizer. To do this, just connect the audio equipment or headphones to the audio output of your computer or smartphone
BRT devicesIndividual selection of healing frequencies
Vitamins for health
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