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Name Hot tub folliculitis
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DescriptionFolliculitis is a purulent inflammation of the upper parts of the hair follicle.

At the mouth of the follicle, a papule of pink or red, sometimes surrounded by a rim of reddening of the surrounding skin, is formed.

Then in its center is formed an abscess — a pustule, penetrated in the center of hair (hair can be not seen).

Erections and crusts form on the place of opened or resorbed pustules.

With superficial folliculitis, the crusts disappear, leaving no traces (on the swarthy skin, post-inflammatory hypo- or hyperpigmentation is possible).

Deep folliculitis can lead to the formation of a furuncle.

The process from the beginning of the formation of the pustular element to healing takes several days.

If provoking factors are not eliminated, folliculitis recurs and can become chronic. The chronic course is characteristic of folliculitis caused by staphylococci and dermatophyte fungi
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