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Bio-frequency → Hypochondrium upper abdomen
The main program
Name Hypochondrium upper abdomen
Frequencies by Rife, HzOne of the frequencies or sequentially: 20, 10000
DescriptionHypochondria (from the Greek — "hypochondriac") (hypochondriacal disorder, hypochondriacal syndrome) is a person's condition, manifested in constant anxiety about the possibility of getting one or several diseases, complaints or concerns about his physical health, perceiving his usual sensations as abnormal and unpleasant, assumptions that in addition to the underlying disease there is some additional. Thus the person can consider, that knows, what at it or him "actually" disease, but the degree of its conviction usually from time to time varies, and he considers more probable that one disease, another
Listen to the programThis program can be heard in the bioresonance frequency synthesizer. To do this, just connect the audio equipment or headphones to the audio output of your computer or smartphone
BRT devicesIndividual selection of healing frequencies
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