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Resonance of the second kind. Calculation of resonant frequency and element ratings
Inductance (L), µH
Capacity (C), µF
Resistance (R), Ohm
Frequency (f), kHz
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Resonance of the second kind differs from the classical one in terms of features presented by this work. One of these differences is the contribution of R active resistance to obtaining resonant frequency values. Here, this resistance plays a huge role, and therefore participates in the resonant frequency formula f along with the inductance L and capacitance C.
This calculator is convenient because you can determine not only the resonant frequency, but also three other parameters: L, C and R. In order to determine any of the four parameters relative to the other three, you must click on the circle located to the right of the selected parameter.
According to work, there is a condition for the existence of a resonance of the second kind, which is also tracked here. If it is violated, a corresponding warning will appear at the bottom of the calculator. Example
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