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Name Parasites passalurus ambiguous HC
Frequencies by Rife, HzOne of the frequencies or sequentially: 21956.1, 1093.13, 21756.95, 1083.21
DescriptionPathogen — nematode pasalurus (rabbit pinworm) spindle-shaped, which ends in a styloid process. In the external environment, eggs are found in feeders, water, on the walls of rabbit cells, litter, where the nematode forms within 1-2 days. The period of development of passaluruses from the onset of infection of the rabbit to puberty in the large intestine is 18-26 days, the duration of their life varies from 70 to 106 days.

Rabbits are susceptible to this disease at 3-7 months of age. Passulorosis can occur throughout the year. The path of infection is alimentary — ingestion with feed or water of mature pinworm eggs. Perhaps self-reloading animals: sick rabbits, itching in the anus, combing it, licking the tongue, while becoming infected with mature helminth eggs. The spread of this disease is facilitated by poor conditions of keeping animals
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